Fake an affair

The Traces of an Imaginary Affair kit contains nine tools for making marks on the body that look like bite marks, carpet burns, or scratches, as well as perfume, lipstick and hair for application to the body or clothes.

Industrial designer Björn Franke explains that “the project broaches the issue of intentionally instigated jealousy in relationships, which often serves to bolster self-esteem or to test the strength of partnerships. It was inspired by stories of people who used fake evidence of victimisation or illnesses to receive attention from others.”

Prototype was completed in 2006 and has been exhibited in the Milan Furniture Fair.

Franke investigates the social, psychological and philosophical implications of artefacts and products; in particular how the shifting technological environment alters human behaviour, relationships and self-conceptions. His work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Milan and has been published in magazines and books worldwide. He lives and works in London.

Photos of Franke’s Traces of an Imaginary Affair are in collaboration with Jonas Unger.

Written by Offbeatism [LMD]

October 31, 2009 at 1:10 am

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