Devil in the details

Corum-LuciferThe idea for Corum’s Bubble was suggested by a Rolex watch featured on Professor Picard’s submarine that had been equipped with a huge sapphire responsible for pressure-resistance. Part of the Bubble Collection is the controversial Bubble Lucifer which was a big hit in Japan, Europe & with collectors worldwide.

In an interview, Chairman of Montres Corum, Severin Wunderman explains that this theme was not about the dark side, but the humor behind life’s certainty, taxes and death. Mr. Wunderman shares that with taxes, he’s been there, paid a lot of it & was simply not interested. But after having survived a life-threatening illness, he wanted to know everything about death.

Due to this endeavor, Mr. Wunderman discovered a vast client base of Mortica collectors that he could cater to. In America, such aficionados rode Harley Davidsons on sundays while sporting their leather jackets and high-end watches. These people just happen to be directors of very big companies who Mr. Wunderman made timepieces for at $100K a pop.

Corum’s most famous Bubble design has Lucifer marking off the seconds with his pitchfork while indicating the hours with his tail. This Collector’s Series comes in two versions- automatic or chronograph, each in a limited series of 666 watches.

[Source: The PuristS]

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