Estación Drassanes, Barcelona

Modernizing the 1968 Drassanes station without restructuring, meant working with restrictions of space and conditions of all existing components. Due to these parameters, ON-A Arquitectura partners Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné and Jordi Fernández Río opted to innovate the station’s interior skin to make it aesthetically pleasing and resistant to the use of daily commuters.

“We referred with regard to the material to white GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) which provides us with the same qualities as concrete with steel, but having a weight which is a fifth of it making an installation within a given space a lot easier. At the same time we also dispose of a continuous white floor composed by resins which allows us to prevent likely cracks provoked by the vibrations of the train”, says ON-A about the project.

Drassanes Metro Station’s new surface treatment combined with the minimalist design approach of ON-A, resulted in a very clean and updated look. The strategic application of accent colors and details throughout the station, gave enough contrast to break the starkness of its all-white interior.


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