Bong Spirit

Bong Spirit‘s Super Premium Vodka fuses together a wave of progressive fashion and designer attitude with an age-old Dutch product of exceptional quality. Its artisinal formula has been handed down through five generations of master distillers and produce through a 150 year old manual process, rich with traditional standards and superior craftsmanship. This distinctive character serves to unite those of various lifestyles together in spirit, by way of expressionism and appreciation for ultramodern music, art and culture.

The Bottle:
Artist Jimi Beach developed the concept of the Bong Spirit brand, a well-designed marketing strategy that not only redefines the spirit world, but also the art community. Bottles of Bong Vodka have a distinct shape, are made with fine glass and topped with a chrome overcap. While the original design is a marvel of its own, a collector series of bottles featuring the art of several up and coming artists is also available and are randomly packed with the unadorned bottles in each case that is distributed.

The Designers:
Ogi, a graduate from the California College of the Arts, incorporates a variety of mediums into his works from handmade paper-clay toy figures, acrylic paints, wood and canvas. He currently lives and works in Japan and has shown works internationally at Giant Robot, Receiver Gallery, White Walls and Park Life.

Yosoh, a ceramist for over 15 years, Scott developed a technique for creating images on a computer, then transferring them to clay. He currently lives and works as an art director in Chicago and has been featured in numerous national and international publications.

Jason Thielke studied Art at Northern Illinois University. He provides commentary on modern life with a style similar to architectural design of today. He currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Mathew Curry is a Grammy nominated artist and principal of the design studio, Imagefed. His personal artwork has been commissioned for magazine covers, limited edition prints and snowboards, as well as being exhibited in publications, galleries and venues all over the world. He currently lives and works in Washington, DC.

Jimi Beach is an accomplished musician and founder for the Bong Spirit concept. He successfully pioneered the concept of water as art, making his Bluworld of Water company into the largest water design studio in the world. He currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

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