VW Breathe 2038

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Future of Delivery, Both Human and Cargo [Yanko Design]

The year is 2038 and the mode of transport is the VW Breathe. Its functions are clearly defined: Quick light delivery service, Public transportation & Personal commuter. Area of commute is of course a metropolis city, and what’s intriguing is that this fully GPS driven vehicle has two modes: human transporting and goods delivering.

For the benefit of space efficiency on the road in a big city, the Breathe will be used both as a private commuter and delivery device, so that the number of the transportation devices will be decreased. The Breathe reduces the unnecessary usage of private vehicles, public transportation, and even delivery vehicles by transforming into three different modes. Designed with advanced materials, the Breathe can transform its body shape and proportion.

The T-shaped structure of the design contains 4 wheels that can change the width and length in varied circumstances to provide handy operation. The shell of the concept has been envisioned of a gel filled elastic material that can transform the car into a lower and longer speed-car or a compact public transportation, whichever is required depending on a particular situation.


This futuristic concept car was designed by Chansong Park, a graduate from the Umea Institute of Design, Sweden specializing in Transportation and Industrial Design.

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January 20, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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