Incandescent sculpture

Technical details [Dezeen]

Life span: The emphasis of these art objects is on their sculptural form and lighting quality, not quantity. If you are content with the wan, soulless light provided by compact fluorescence, read no further.

This being said, the filament temperature is slightly lower than that of bulbs rated for 25,000 hours, and about the same as other famously long-lived bulbs. The filament thickness is at least 10 times that of a standard 2000-hour bulb. The initial inrush of current from being switched on, and vibration are the worst enemies of these sculptural filaments, since the rate of evaporation is several orders of magnitude lower that a standard bulb. Test bulbs approaching 2500 hours of age are not even beginning to show signs of darkening from this evaporation.

Approximate wattage: Each bulb draws about 1 amp at either 12v or 24v, thus about 12 or 24 watts.

The envelope is baked out under vacuum at 400 Centigrade for 1 hour before tip-off.

The filaments are fully replaceable, once, upon return of the lamp, ideally in the original packaging, for the cost of shipping and handling. Additional filament replacement is available for a nominal fee.

[Images: Dylan Kehde Roelofs]

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February 19, 2010 at 9:36 am

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