The taxi of tomorrow


The UniCab comprises enhanced ergonomic functionality of (universal) design (i.e. the most usability for the most people) – no matter what size, shape or measure of mobility they possess. The vehicles’ main focus is on: safety of passengers/driver, ease of use, reliability, minimal environmental footprint and iconic design.

UniCab derives from the notion of Universal Design – access for all.

The essence of the UniCab Taxi of Tomorrow is about people-moving with a lighter footprint, treading more gently on the earth as human beings rather than human doings. The overall aesthetic of the vehicle is influenced by New York City.

Dynamic attitude, worldly impact, ambience, unique identity and understanding its place in the world, comfort, securty and a ‘can do’ attitude are all reflected in the design of the vehicle. The package requiring excellent access and space for passengers, coupled with the experience of riding in the vehicle are the two main drivers for the design. This is reflected in the way the transparent roof opens up the views of surrounding spaces, unique NYC skyline and the experience of warm sunshine beaming through.

The UniCab allows for safer side entry of wheelchairs and mobility scooters and their users can sit up front next to the driver as they travel and be included in interaction with driver and other passengers. It also allows ease of access for parents with prams and strollers as they travel around the city.

The embedded Digital Message Visors within the tinted window screens illuminate in green letters to advise the public where that cab is heading e.g. SoHo followed by a red digits e.g. SoHo 3 to indicate how many seats (3) are available on that route (entitling all passengers to discounted fares).

That is, ⇑CabShare = ⇓CabFare (the more you CabShare, the less your CabFare) which is a blue default alternating message between (& behind) the destination message. When the Taxi of Tomorrow is Vacant the blue default message is a double space U n i C a b.

In this way UniCabs can discreetly move more people in less time with a less vehicular movements, less traffic congestion and less air, noise & visual pollution of public city space!


[More info: Unicab]


Written by Offbeatism [LMD]

June 11, 2010 at 3:13 pm

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