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Deep space

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows brilliant blue stars wreathed by warm, glowing clouds. The festive portrait is the most detailed view of a young stellar grouping, called R136 in the 30 Doradus Nebula. [NASA, ESA, F. Paresce- INAF-IASF (Italy), R. O’Connell- University of Virginia & Wide Field Camera 3 Science Oversight Committee]

A tiny moon called Epimetheus is seen above Saturn’s rings and in front of the larger moon Titan, in this picture captured by NASA’s robotic Cassini spacecraft. [NASA]

Light echo from Star V838 Monocerotis, December 17, 2002. [NASA, H.E. Bond- STScI & ESA]

A picture from the HiRISE camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows dust trails caused by miniature wind vortices occurring on the red planet, or Martian ‘dust devils’. [NASA]

The Crab Nebula, one of the most studied objects in the sky. X-ray data from Chandra provide significant clues to the workings of this mighty cosmic “generator” which is producing energy at the rate of 100,000 suns. [AP/NASA]

HST/WFPC2 image of Jupiter and Ganymede taken on April 9, 2007. [NASA, ESA, & E. Karkoschka- University of Arizona]

The majestic Sombrero Galaxy or M104. A brilliant white core encircled by thick dust lanes in this spiral galaxy, seen edge-on. The galaxy is 50,000 light-years across and 28 million light years from Earth. [NASA & Hubble Heritage Team: STScI/AURA]

This image, taken by the refurbished Hubble Space Telescope, shows stars bursting to life in the chaotic Carina Nebula. [NASA, ESA & Hubble SM4 ERO Team]

Detail of Saturn’s rings, disk and shadow. [NASA, ESA & E. Karkoschka- University of Arizona]

Cone Nebula or NGC 2264 showing star-forming pillar of gas and dust. Radiation from hot stars off the top of the picture illuminates and erodes this giant, gaseous pillar. Additional ultraviolet radiation causes the gas to glow, giving the pillar its red halo of light. [NASA, H. Ford- JHU, G. Illingworth- UCSC/LO, M. Clampin & G. Hartig- STScI, ACS Science Team & ESA]

The small, blue galaxy visible in the upper left corner of the Tadpole ripped through the larger spiral galaxy, distorting it and pulling out a long tail of stars, gas and dust. Young blue star clusters, spawned by the collision, are evident in the tail and spiral arms. [NASA, H. Ford- JHU, G. Illingworth- UCSC/LO, Campin & G. Hartig- STScI, ACS Science Team & ESA]

Space shuttle Atlantis is seen in silhouette during solar transit. [NASA]


[Sources: Telegraph & Hubble Site]

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Work sucks Life’s too short for the wrong job.
Agency: Scholz & Friends [Berlin]
Creative Director: Matthias Spaetgens, Jan Leube
Copywriter: Axel Tischer
Art Director: David Fischer
Photographer: Hans Starck
Illustrator: Graphic Artist: Inga Schulze, Sara Dos Santos Vieira Caught in the wrong job?
Advertising Agency: JWT [New Delhi, India]
Creative Directors: Arindam Sengupta, Abhiroopa Mathur
Art Directors: Jagjit Singh, Sumonto Ghosh
Copywriters: Ashish Sood, Ammar Mohammed
Designer: Jagjit Singh
Photographer: Neeraj Mahajan
Computer Artist: Atul Kumar As soon as a job is available, it’s on our site.
Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO [Switzerland]
Creative Director: Matthias Freuler
Art Director: Sascha Fanetti
Copywriter: Thomas Kurzmeyer
Photographer: Marco Grob

[Source: Scary Ideas & Ads of the world]

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Peek-a-boo, we see you…

Agent Provocateur: Provokes A Tear
This is the Photoshop disaster equivalent to one of those 3-D patterns that you have to gaze into and then suddenly you can see it. You have to be patient; it can take several seconds.

Edwin Jeans: Pittiful
Shrink to fit.

FHM: Yakuza Babe
At 4am somewhere, a designer wakes up and utters, “Oh God I forgot to put her finger back in.”

Mamma Mia: Neckrophilia
Ode To A Photoshop Artist
Oh Mamma Mia Photoshop artist.
I see you working away at your poster.
You are delighted by the sparkling background.
The background is totally top notch.
Lets hope it distracts people from the hack job on her neck.
Perhaps she had a glandular infection.
Or is in the process of swallowing a whole melon.
You know, the way snakes swallow pigs.
There are many possible explanations.

Victoria’s Secret: Why Don’t You Slip Into Something More Human?
All we know is that something bad happened and underwear was involved.

Glamour: She’s A Witch
[Insert joke about Christina Aguilera having wonky fingers here]

Ferre: Abs Fab
Memo to Gianfranco Ferre: Has your Art Director ever even seen a naked man?

Out Magazine: Hey Mr DJ Put A Record On I’m Microcephalic
It looks great, yeah great. You know, one little thing. No big deal. But if you could make the top of her head smaller? Just the top part? So it isn’t hiding the banner. Yeah, no, I know, but you know what, no one cares about the top of her head. Just make it smaller. Yes, I know. Just make it smaller. Just do it. I’m just going to go ahead and make that an order. If you could do that, that would be great.

Oh, and if you could make her shoulder disappear, that would also be great.

W: As In WTF
Mmmmmm mmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. No.


Photoshop disasters taken from PsD’s “Baroque Anatomy” archive.

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