Think Outside of the Parking Box winners

First prize: Rotary Parking Machine
Design by: Tanzim Hasan Salim [Bangladesh]
Designer’s own words: The concept of rotary parking derives from the Ferris wheel. With this machine up to six cars can be parked automatically one after another from a road side parking space for only one. The cars are picked up by means of strong electro-magnetic arms which are adjustable by hydraulic systems. This machine can be installed individually or modularly used in array where there is no space for heavy construction of parking lots or other such devices that require more space. The device is anchored to the pavement and requires very little footprint. Once parked, the cars can have a joy ride which would also be a spectacle added to the urban fabric.Second prize: Solasis Light Tower
Design by: Klaud Wasiak + Yongbang Ho [Canada]
Designer’s own words: This concept ties the Nissan Qashqai closer to nature and toward an ecological contribution. A parked vehicle is wasting city space. This concept gives the car a conscience, it can contribute back and have more purpose throughout it’s daily use. Solasis is a solar light tower that generates electric power from sunlight by focusing concentrated solar radiation reflected from the Qashqai’s photovoltaic panels and mirrors onto a heat exchanger mounted in the tower. That energy is then fed back into the grid powering vehicles and buildings.Third prize: Parkscope
Design by: Davide Aquini [Italy]
Designer’s own words: Parkscope is a multi-layer parking concept with a led-wall facade. Parking becomes an opportunity to express yourself, a wall where you can leave a sign. Each parking bay matches a section of the facade. Customers, after parking their car, can “publish” a photo by sending an MMS to the parking-server including the bay number. Thanks to the photo, customers leave a personal sign “on” urban landscape. Photos will also help customers find their car more easily.

About the contest
Organized by Nissan in collaboration with designboom last July, ‘Think outside the parking box’ was an international design competition in search of cutting edge design to challenge conventional urban parking to be tougher and stylish just like the Nissan Qashqai, a resilient urban vehicle with distinct style.

Participants were required to incorporate a Qashqai model or a part of it, such as rear-view mirrors, grills, wheels, etc., into their final entry and ideas may be delivered as videos, objects or illustrations.

Competition jury was composed of Karim Rashid [Industrial Designer, USA], Steve Lazarides [Art dealer, UK/USA], Shiro NAKAMURA [Senior VP & CCO, Design & Brand Mgt., Nissan], Alfonso ALBAISA [VP, Nissan Design Europe], Paul WILLCOX [Managing Director, Nissan Motor GB], Jean-Paul MARI [VP Communications, Nissan Int’l SA], Jean-Pierre DIERNAZ [General Manager Marcomm, Nissan Europe SAS], Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie [European Creative Director, TBWA/G1], Birgit Lohmann [Editor in-chief, designboom].

[Source: Design Boom]


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